Sunday, May 05, 2013

Lyx and R-project: forget Sweave, Long life to knitr!

I have at last had some time to play with knitr, which an R-project  package written by Yihui Xie in order to correct some shortcomings of Sweave.  knitr is really much more convenient than Sweave and it integrates beautifully with Lyx (there is a module for knitr in recent versions of Lyx), ggplot and tikzdevice in R.
Rstudio, the very nice IDE for R-project also understands knitr out of the box. In this case, you also get and easy way of writing web pages containing results from R-project, since you can use Latex of Markdown for composing these pages and/or documenting your research.
If you frequently update a regularly published  report that uses data and statistics, you have a perfect setup in this framework (I am not in this case).

Knitr's web page is:

Complementary information and manuals can be downloaded from its GitHub page:

If you like Latex/Html and R-project, you should definitely check it.