Monday, September 08, 2008

A very nice file explorer for Windows: Q-dir

This time I am presenting a tool that is not directly related to the production of documents with LaTeX. Q-dir a very nice and free file manager that I have discovered recently. It manages to be very small and, nevertheless, very flexible and efficient. For me, the main two very nice properties are the possibility of
  • opening several folders side by side for intensive files copying;
  • saving typical folder configurations as favourites and open them all in the same time by calling the corresponding favourite;
I have for example a fovourite for all folders corresponding to LateX file editing and another for HTML editing. Switching from one to the other is very quick and easy. You can also create favourites to your important folder for opening them directly, by two clicks of the mouse (one for calling the function and another for chosing the favourite folder.

It has of course many other very nice features. You cab also install it on a USB stick.
I invite you to check the website and download it for learning more about the possibilities it offers.
To repeat the slogan of it's creator: "Once Q-Dir, always Q-Dir ;)!"